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What We Grow


The ‘Legacy’ variety is vigorous, upright, extremely nutritious and has a high vitamin content. The plants are high yielding and very consistent. ‘Legacy’ has medium-sized fruit with a very superior flavour and sweetness. The quality of the fruit is superior to many cultivars and has a long storage time.

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Draper blueberries have exceptionally firm berries and concentrated ripening periods. The berries have excellent post-harvest colour retention and superior shelf life. They have a large size, that perfect blueberry colour, and a mildly sweet taste that makes them delicious for both eating them raw and cooking.

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The Bluegold is one of the most delicious and sweetest varieties of blueberries. While it is smaller than many other blueberry shrubs, because of its concentrated ripening, they produce a bountiful harvest of easy-to-pick berries. Berries are very firm, flavourful and evenly sized with a small recessed scar. 

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Bluecrop produces all-purpose blueberries that are firm and somewhat tart — great for preserves, baking, freezing, and fresh eating. They are perfect for various reasons, from their high yield to their various uses in the kitchen, making them insanely popular.

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New Hannover

New Hanover' is a new and distinct variety of blueberry with the following unique combination of desirable characteristics outstanding in a new variety. It has very high yield potential, very good fruit quality, and superior fruit size and colour. 

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Hannah's Choice

Hannah's choice blueberries are popular due to their sweet flavour. Perfect for baking or snacking fresh off the bush - and they store longer than other early-ripening blueberries. These berries are an attractive light blue, have excellent firmness, and fine flavour.

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